Forage mixtures

Forage mixtures

S.A.G. lawn irrigation is an important means to be more competitive in the rearing of grazing animals.


The forage mixtures possess prerogatives and specific characteristics, such as:


- Raising the yields of milk and meat

- Reduction in production costs,

- Improving soil fertility

- Getting a secure income.


The mixture is composed of species and varieties of great value and is the fruit of extensive experience in the territory of Sardinia and the Mediterranean areas of the Peninsula.


Different suitable mixtures are created for different terrains keeping in mind respective soil types and climates.

With SAG mixtures, you can choose the mixture your company needs.

The available mixtures are:


SUBGRAM STANDARD®: for acidic, sub-acidic (granite, schist) soils and for low altitudes not exceeding 400-500 meters; the dosage is about 20 -:- 30 kg/ha.

PRO MONTES ®: (Sardinia versions - gr - alkali) for acidic, neutral, alkaline soils with rainfall exceeding 700 mm per year; the dosage is about 20 -:- 30 Kg/ha.

SUBMEDIC ®: (Submedic e rg versions) for sub-alkaline soils with ph 7 -: - 8, calcareous, marly and for altitudes not exceeding 500/600 m; the dosage is about 20 -:- 30 Kg/ha.

PRO ENAS ®: for heavy soil, with slight water-logging, acid-neutral; the dosage is about 20 -:- 35 Kg/ha.


This mixture is well suited for almost all types of soils provided these are not too sandy or clayey or with the ph value above 7.5 - 8.0.

The dosage should be 60 -:- 70 kg/ha.

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